Top 10 amazing ways to know how to choose a novel to read 2021

Top 10 amazing ways to know how to choose a novel to read 2021

I declare there is no enjoyment like reading” _Jane Austine

here I tell you about the top 10 amazing ways to know how to choose a novel to read 2021 .first of all why it is important to read novels and second which kind of novels suits you because there are thousands and thousands of novels of different writers how can you pick your type( interest) novel …..

so let’s begin top 10 amazing ways how to choose a novel to read 2021

A study by Keith Oatley and Raymond Mar found that reading fiction improves your ability to connect with others.

The study demonstrated that people who read fiction perform better on tests of empathy. This result held up even when they controlled for the variable that empathetic people might naturally choose to read fiction.

The study found that the more fiction a person read, the stronger the ability to make mental models of others.

Another study in 2010 found that children who are exposed to lots of fiction material possessed a stronger ability to read the brain states of others.

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How to choose a novel to read 2021?

This is a wonderful question. I had never really thought of how I choose books. I know itโ€™s going to sound cliched but I don’t choose books, the books choose me (Harry Potter reference!)

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Iโ€™m going to try and write the process of choosing a book:-

  1. Take suggestions/recommendations of the 3 F’s. Friends, Family and Fools. If more than one person are suggesting you to read a book, go for it. It ought to be good. If your mom is telling you to read R.K Narayan, read it. if your brother suggests Ayn Rand, spend time on it.
  2. Know what do you like to read. Self help? Crime? Fiction? Romance? Given a choice, select the one you like the most. If you have recently watched a James Bond movie, read Ian Fleming’s books. If you have watched a romantic movie, start P.S I love You.
  3. Read Top books from top authors. Some books are famous and you have to unanimously agree that
  4. Take online reviews of the book. Check sites like good reads to find the best book for that section. Goodreads is one reliable source when in dilemma.
  5. Before buying, read the back cover contents. Very important. If you do not like it for some reason, keep the book down.
  6. Don’t read a book which you know is not good. If 3 people have told you not to read, that’s it. If you know that the book is boring or too stretchy, just drop it.
  7. Don’t read a bad book just because its from a good author. Not every book can be a master piece. This loyalty will cost you time. And Money. But Time is priority. Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist was great. Try reading Zahir and you’ll literally kill yourself.
  8. Dont read books just because Everyone’s reading it. Just because everyone’s reading Twilight and 50 Shades, please don’t jump into reading it. You might think that some books have become a fad and all your friends are reading and you’ll be an outcast if you don’t read.
  9. Take time to read books out of your comfort zone. Books by Simon Singh, E. F. Schumacher are tough. Not easy to comprehend. May take ages to complete. Read them anyway. You got to push the boundaries.
  10. Read right books at right time.When you have silent time at home, read “heavy” books which are knowledgeable in terms of learning. Plus, you can take notes easily. When travelling or in a house with disturbance, read works of fiction. They take less effort to read and understand.


: so the lists ends here !! I hope you all find novels that will choose you also and don’t stop reading as there is no enjoyment like reading !!!!

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