5 Best medical k- dramas to watch 2021


Here are the 5 best medical k-dramas to watch 2021!!

Known for their interesting storylines and intense (if sometimes predictable) plot twists, Korean dramas can go from super sappy to incredibly heartbreaking to “WTF, what was that?” in a heartbeat. Here are the 5 best medical k-dramas to watch 2021. That variety is exactly what keeps viewers coming back for more. from the world sensation last year oscar winning movie paradise to the famous boys band BTS a Korean wave called Hallyu. or maybe for the popular Koreans beauty products for your nightly 10 step skin care routine!!

from a charming romantic comedy-slash-thriller to a stunning period piece. we’ve listed the 5 best medical K- dramas to watch 2021 right now !!

5.Doctor john

On no.5 best medical k-dramas to watch 2021 is Doctor john !!

On number 5, I would put Doctor John. This drama starring Ji sung and Lee se young was released in 2020. This drama revolves around the Doctor who was sentenced to jail for performing euthanasia on a patient who was a killer. Meanwhile after his bail we come to know that he himself is suffering from Congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrosis (CIPA) in which he can’t feel pain or anything. It’s really interesting to watch how he saves each of patient and how he survives in the hospital.

Total episodes: 16


On number 4, I would put the drama name Doctors starring Park shin Hye and the Kim Rae won. It was released in the year 2016. Talking about the show , Doctors tells us about the hardship of girl that how after all sufferings in her life she becomes a successful doctor . It also showcases the beautiful relationship of mentor and student. Yo Hye Jung played by park shin Hye after the death of her grandmother gets traumatized and become successful neurosurgeon though being studied from an average medical college.

Total episodes: 20

3.Doctor stranger

On number 3, I would put Doctor stranger starring Lee Jong Suk and Jin se yeon in the lead . This drama was broadcasted in the year 2014. It’s about a doctor who as child was forcefully taken to North Korea along with his father who was needed to perform surgery. Later, he becomes a genius doctor. After the death of his father there, he decides to flee along with his lover but unfortunately she gets killed in the middle . Thinking that she died , he remains unoticed in South Korea and opens a small clinic. But one day he again see her lover in the reputed hospital of South Korea where he was offer to work.

Total episodes: 20

2.Good doctors

source: google

On number 2, Good doctors starring Jo won and Moon chae Woon was released in the year 2013. The story is based the doctor who is suffering from autism and at every step needs to prove himself at the hospital . Everytime he stands out and save a patient but due to his autism never gets appreciated. So his complete journey will keep you engaged and also the surgeries will give you a goosebumps. An American version of Good doctors is also made comprising of 3 seasons and it’s still going on

Total episodes : 20

1.Hospital playlist

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On number 1, I would put Hospital playlist. This drama was so loved by people that it came with season 2 and is still on top in trps compared to other dramas. This drama revolves around the 5 doctors who are friends from 20 years and are absolutely brilliant in their fields now. Back then in college they form a band and now they decides to again start practicing every weekend after the work. This drama is worth watching , full of comedy, romance, drama , medical drama and life .

total episodes : 12


the list of 5 best korean medical dramas end here ! So grab some snacks and watch these epic shows .

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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